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 Typical Uses of Malta Companies

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Typical Uses of Malta Companies

Typical Uses of Malta Companies



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The Malta Trading Company is a very effective international tax-planning vehicle.  Malta companies can be used to:

receive commission income

receive management, operational or consultancy fees

group financing - group treasury management

perform intellectual property management & royalty routing

perform e-commerce activities

perform licensed online gaming/betting activities

perform licensed investment services

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Objects of a Malta Company

The shares of a Maltese Company must be subscribed to at least two shareholders. Single member companies are possible as long as shareholders are individuals and as long as the objects of the company are limited to one main trading object. 

A Malta company may carry on trading activities in or outside Malta, throughout Europe and worldwide, without restrictions except for banking, insurance and financial investment services for which the Company will require a specific license. A Malta company may also export Maltese products.

Company Objects Specifically Authorised by the MFSA

purchases for export of goods manufactured, assembled or processed in Malta provided that such purchases are not made from a person who owns directly or indirectly more than 15% of the ordinary share capital of the said International Trading Company;

trading with companies registered in Malta under the Malta Financial Services Authority Act, 1994 as amended in 2002;

trading with other International Trading Companies.

the management of companies resident in Malta whose business is restricted to affiliated insurance and where such business is carried on exclusively with non-residents;

the provision of management, administration or other services to collective investment schemes resident in Malta where such schemes are marketed exclusively outside Malta and are licensed or exempt from licensing under the Investment Services Act; and

the provision of ship management services by companies whose activities and objects solely comprise the management of ships which are of not less than one thousand net tons and which are engaged in the carriage of goods or passengers.

International Trading Company (Index)  

Taxation   Company Specifications

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