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Sociétés Maltaises Internationales

Notre service de création de société

1. Création de société

2. Services au siège social

3. Services aux personnes désignées : Directeurs/Actionnaires

4. Services administratifs

5. Comptabilité & Observation fiscale

1. Création de société

Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates provides cost-effective and efficient incorporation services in Malta.

Our tax consultants are very active in establishing tax-efficient structures to suit your particular requirements.  We can assist you with making the right choice of jurisdiction, type and name of company.

Under Maltese law, it is not possible to adopt a standard Memorandum & Articles of Association which enables the company to undertake "any legal activity". Our corporate lawyers will tailor the constitutive documents of your company in accordance with your specific needs and to enable the company to undertake the desired trading, holding or other activities.

Services au siège social

Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates provides registered office facilities in Malta as required by law, irrespective of the place where the company's business is conducted.  In compliance with local legislation, the company must keep all statutory records and other documents which must be available for review.

Services aux personnes désignées : Directeurs/Actionnaires

Shares may also be held on behalf of an undisclosed beneficiary by our nominee company licensed by the Malta Financial Services Centre to provide nominee and trust services. Similarly, we can provide nominee director services where necessary.

Moreover, our standards of confidentiality are also backed by the Professional Secrecy Act which has established a high common standard of confidentiality for all professional practitioners. Those who violate professional secrecy may be prosecuted under Section 27 of the Criminal Code and on conviction may be liable to a maximum fine of LM20,000 and/or a 2 year prison sentence.

Services administratifs

CCA's Corporate Division performs company secretarial duties for Maltese companies, including:

  • drafting resolutions;

  • preparation of Minutes of the Board of Directors and Shareholders;

  • effecting changes in the Board of Directors and Shareholders;

  • making amendments to the company's constitutive documents;

  • maintenance of the company's statutory records;

  • timely preparation and lodgment of requisite annual forms and returns with the Registry of Companies;

  • submission of the audited accounts to the Registry of Companies and the Inland Revenue Department as required by Maltese Law;

  • issue and authenticate any necessary company documents.

Comptabilité & Observation fiscale

Our Corporate Division can also provide full accounting, audit and annual tax compliance services and makes the necessary applications for tax refunds for non-resident shareholders within the time-frames laid out by law.

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