Different jurisdictions have, since time immemorial, treated gaming in diverse ways. With the advent of internet gaming, the situation has become more complex and increased regulation was deemed necessary. Malta has reacted to this phenomenon in a prudent yet pragmatic manner: it provided a legal framework for gaming operators which would also provide high levels of player protection.  This has produced a foremost gaming jurisdiction associated with professionalism, regulation and trust.

Chetcuti Cauchi Adwokaci prides itself of in-depth expertise in all aspects of gaming, based on a thorough understanding of the business and of the specific needs peculiar to different types of operators, whether betting, betting exchanges, casinos, poker rooms, gaming platforms or marketers. Our i-Gaming Unit is geared to provide  advice going beyond conventional licensing requirements. 

Our gaming project team is typically composed of lawyers with expertise in corporate law, banking, international tax and intellectual property.  These work hand in hand with leading banks and consultants providing services including secure payment systems, hosting and co-location.  This positions CCA as the leading gaming law firm for operators seeking a one-stop-solution provider in Malta.

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