Chetcuti Cauchi Adwokaci is a Maltese law firm with offices in Valletta and St Paulís Bay. The firm is composed of a multidisciplinary mix of legal, business, technology and tax professionals and provides personalised services to private clients worldwide and in the commercial and corporate law sector. Chetcuti Cauchi Adwokaci boasts the only specialised personal and corporate tax law practice in Malta.

Our Organisation

The firm is directed by two managing partners, each responsible for particular areas of the firmís practice. The firmís relationship with each client is handled by a lead partner who manages and assigns work to the member most suited for any given task. Clients benefit from the pool of legal, commercial and fiscal skills and specialisations contributed by the individual members of the firm while maintaining a constant point of reference within the firm.

Chetcuti Cauchi Adwokaci works with a number of major law firms in most jurisdictions, hence enabling us to provide our clients with solid international legal advice.


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