New laws related to a new licensing regime for on-line gaming including on-line casinos, casino-style games, sports betting, betting exchanges and lotteries, are currently being discussed.

The main impetus behind these new regulations is to provide strong and serious but not unnecessarily bureaucratic system within which to operate, hence ensuring vigorous protection for users of on-line gaming and dovetailing with Malta’s long-established and reputable financial services sector.

A complete revision and consolidation of gaming legislation and a new all-encompassing gaming law was enacted by the Maltese parliament in virtue of which the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority has been set up in 2001.

The new online gaming legislation is intended to further enhance the initiative of the local authorities in establishing a strong legislative and institutional infrastructure in the development of Malta's attractiveness as a strong gaming licence provider.

The licensing legislative framework is expected to be completed by the end of December 2002 and licences to start being issued early in 2003.


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