The Firm


The firm has grown out of a commitment to be different. We have created a unique environment where nothing is taken for granted.  Tried and tested practices are continuously subjected to innovative and open-minded revision.  Business savvy and professional ambition co-mingle with sound values of excellence, integrity and transparency.

We strive to focus on individual needs and to respond promptly to our clients immediate requirements, hence giving our clients the highest possible level of personal and professional service.

The firm in the marketplace

Chetcuti Cauchis professional service lines span a wide range of legal, fiduciary and corporate services. The firm embraces professionals from various related sectors: law, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, management, economics, corporate services and trust management.

Our unique multi-disciplinary mix results in a greater learning experience for our members and superior all-encompassing results for our clients. The firm is well positioned to service clients ranging from high net worth individuals and families, owner-managed companies to larger corporations. On an international level, Chetcuti Cauchi has also grown to be regarded as the Maltese firm of choice by various leading professional firms in the EU and worldwide.

Chetcuti Cauchi has established itself as one of the leading law firms in Malta in the fields of financial services, tax law, trusts and estate planning, expatriate law, ICT law and intellectual property law.

Our Culture

The Firms culture is marked by the high quality of our specialist advice and by our mutual involvement with our clients, backed by a strong sense of entrepreneurship necessary to understand our clients business. No less, we emphasize independence, transparency and responsiveness. We gauge the effectiveness of our teamwork by the degree of success achieved in our clients projects and we adopt a results-based approach across the board so that our clients success becomes our own success. We stress the importance of a positive and open-minded attitude that inspires a firm-wide culture of viewing problems as opportunities, hence our long-standing reputation as constructive solution advisors.

International Practice

Chetcuti Cauchi renders Malta-specific legal and tax services globally to individuals, corporates and professional firms worldwide. While maintaining its independence, the firm collaborates on international projects with foreign law firms acting in major financial and commercial centres in the world.


Maltese, English, Italian, French, Russian

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