Data Protection

Chetcuti Cauchi’s Data Protection Unit has had the opportunity of working  with a number of established corporate clients on data protection and retention.

The DPU’s main role in this area of law is that of ensuring the undertaking’s legal compliance and correct processing of personal data in terms of the recently enacted Data Protection Act and the ensuing regulations as well as assisting the clients to devise company policies such as an internal data protection procedures, related IT security procedures as well as devising custom-made data retention and privacy policies.

In order to achieve this holistic task in a timely and efficient manner, Chetcuti Cauchi’s Data Protection Unit has devised a four-tier approach to ensuring a satisfactory data protection compliance programme, namely :

  • Identification;
  • Awareness Raising;
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Fine-Tuning;
  • The Appointment of Chetcuti Cauchi as a Personal Data Representative