Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is often a clients most valuable asset. It is that area of business law which provides entrepreneurs an incentive to create and discover without the constant fear that their initiative could be threatened.

The main principle behind our firms intellectual property practice is to achieve an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and the problems encountered in his path to absolute creativity. At Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates we seek to apply a pragmatic business approach to each clients intellectual property matters and obtain results consistent with the clients business needs.

Chetcuti Cauchi’s IP Team represents clients from a breadth of industries.¬† In addition to advising our clients, Chetcuti Cauchi is often retained by other law firms to provide IP advice to their clients. Our IP lawyers are experienced in an extensive list of ip-related issues, positioning us as the IP law firm of choice for clients who recognize the value of thorough representation on IP-sensitive issues.

Whether  one wants to protect his technological inventions through patent law or the appearance of mass-produced goods through designs registration, whether an artist needs protection of his literary, artistic and musical creations or a trader needs to distinguish its goods or services from those of another trader, there are always straight-forward or hybrid solutions to achieve the utmost protection possible.

Intellectual Property Services

Our firms services in this field include the registration of trademarks, patents and designs within the jurisdiction of Malta; protection of trademarks within the EU; trademark, design and patent searches in local databases and registers; negotiating and drafting confidentiality, development, distribution, technology transfer, licensing and joint venture agreements for both domestic and foreign entities; advising on copyright protection as well as preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign patent applications in all technologies.

Our Typical IP Clients

Our clients include individuals, corporations, and educational institutions located throughout the world and our portfolio holds diverse technologies such mechanical, electrical, computer and medical devices as well as matters related to consumer products, and chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical arts.

Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates are registered trademark agents in Malta and are also registered EU trademark attorneys and EPO European patent attorneys.