Art & Cultural Property:

Cultural Property Protection


 Aviation Law:

Aircraft Registration in MaltaAircraft registration

Aircraft mortgage

Aircraft certification

Aircraft sale & purchase

Aircraft charter & lease

Aircraft finance, insurance


 Company Law:

Malta CompaniesOnshore Status

Company Tax System


Company Law Features & Requirements


 Company Types:

Limited Liability Companies

General Partnerships

Limited Partnerships




 Company Uses:

International  Business

Holdings &  Investment

Participating Holding

Group Treasury Management

Royalty Structures

IP Holding Companies

Shipping Companies

Licensed Investment Services

e-Commerce Activities

Licensed Online Gaming


 Gaming & Betting Companies in Malta:

Malta’s New Licensing Regime for Remote/Online Gaming

Malta Remote Gaming Regulations

Applying for a gambling licence in Malta

Technical requirements

Taxation of Gaming Operations in Malta

Regulator: Lotteries & Gaming Authority (LGA)

The benefits of a European Gaming Licence



 Doing Business in Malta:

Setting Up in Malta – A Guide to Doing Business in Malta

Investment Climate in Malta

Business Promotion & Malta Tax Incentives

Business Incentives

Incentives to the film industry


Immigration to Malta:

Permanent Residence in Malta

Ordinary Residence in Malta

Temporary Residence Permits (Visas) in Malta

Foreign Property Ownership / Rental

Work Permits

Setting up a Company in Malta

Visa free travel in the Schengen Area

 Intellectual Property in Malta:


Service marks



Property in Malta:

Property Purchases

Property Rentals

Environment & Planning


 Shipping in Malta:

The Advantages of the Malta Flag

Eligibility for registration

Procedure for registration

Bareboat charter registration

Manning, International Convention, Mortgages

Trusts in Malta:

Malta Trusts

Malta Trust Law – Trusts in Civil Law Systems

Setting up a Malta trust company

Nomineeship in Malta

Escrow in Malta

Property trusts


 Taxation in Malta:

Company Taxation in Malta

Property Taxation: CGT

Fiscal Legislation in force in Malta

Malta Budget 2003

Tax Incentives for Investment Services Expats

Tax Incentives for Insurance Expatriates

Tax Incentives for Business Promotion

Double Tax Relief

Malta’s Network of Double Taxation Treaties

Withholding Tax Rates

Malta Companies & VAT