Company Law

Onshore Companies

The basic statutory requirements for the formation of a Malta Company and its principal characteristics are as follows:

Corporate Requirements for Malta Companies

Standard issued share capital

EUR1,250 (approx. USD1500)
(in any foreign currency)

Minimum paid up share capital on incorporation:

20% (EUR250 – approx. USD300)*

Minimum number of Shareholders required:

One shareholder (if the company director is a natural person) or

Two shareholders (if the director is corporate).

(At least one non-resident shareholder)

Nominee shareholders permitted:


Minimum number of directors:

One. In certain cases, director may also act as company secretary.

Local directors required:

No, but strongly recommended

Corporate directors permitted:

Yes, resident directorship services provided

Local company secretary required:

Any nationality, company secretarial services provided

Local meeting required:



At least one General Meeting each year, in addition to any other company meetings.

Local Registered office required:

Yes. We offer registered office services to Malta Companies.

Exchange Control:

No exchange control regulations – may conduct business in any currency

Average timeframe to set up a new company

24-48 hours (depending on availability and adequacy of documentation/information provided)

* except where the Malta Company makes use of nominee directors.

Malta Company Taxation

Malta Corporate tax rate:

35% (reduced to 5-10% after tax refunds to shareholders)

Malta Tax residence to benefit from Tax Treaty network:

Based on incorporation in Malta (Certificates of Tax Residence available)

Ordinary tax base:

Worldwide income

Withholding tax on interest:


Withholding tax on dividends:


Withholding tax on licence fees and royalties:


Double taxation treaties:

Treaties with 43 countries

Withholding tax on dividends


Value Added Tax rate (trading only):

18% – only for intra-EU trading

Disclosure and Reporting for Malta Companies

Disclosure of beneficial owner to Company Registrar

No (confidential nominee shareholding services provided)

Government register of directors

Yes (local director services provided)

Government register of shareholders

Yes (nominee shareholding services provided)

Annual return


Submission of accounts





Shares may be held on behalf of an undisclosed beneficiary by Claris Trustees & Fiduciaries Ltd, our trust management and nominee company licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Exemption from Exchange Control Regulations

In view of Malta’s EU membership, exchange control laws have long been abolished.

Expatriate Employees

Company may operate an office in Malta and employ skilled expatriates in Malta. Foreign employees paid in Malta will be subject to National Insurance and local Income tax regulations. Tax rates vary between 0 – 35%, depending on the declared salary of the employee.  We are able to assist you with applications for work permits in Malta.

Bank Accounts for Malta Companies

Malta companies may hold bank accounts in Malta or elsewhere. We enjoy very healthy banking relationships with the main banks in Malta, including major international banks.  Cheque books and credit / debit cards are availability in a wide choice of currencies.  Resident and non-resident bank accounts are available with comprehensive telephone, internet and mobile banking facilities are available.  International commercial and trading finance facilities are excellent.

Documentation Requirements for Company Formation

A full documentation package and details of fees and costs will be provided on request.