Company Law

Trading Company Formation in Malta

Malta Trading Companies are onshore business companies taxable on a worldwide basis at the normal corporate tax rate of 35%. Shareholders are entitled to a six-sevenths refund, reducing their effective tax rate to 5% at shareholder level. Malta’s corporate tax rate is chargeable on a companies profits after deducting all allowable business expenses.

Companies for Active Trading

Maltese companies are able to conduct any business activity, whether in Malta or outside Malta, including buying and selling of commodities, agency and representation, consulting and advisory services, e-commerce, online gaming and financial services.  Maltese companies are registered under the Maltese Companies Act which is significantly based on UK and European company law. 

Maltese Company Law

Maltese company law is very user-friendly and is available in English as both English and Maltese are official languages in Malta.  Malta is a member of the European Union and is recognised as a transparent and well-regulated financial centre within the Euro-Mediterranean area. Malta’s financial services regulator, the MFSA supervises Malta’s efficient Companies House or the Malta Registry of Companies.

bullet-red.png Onshore Status

bullet-red.png Possible Uses of Malta Companies

1. Possible Uses

2. Objects

3. Confidentiality

bullet-red.png Taxation

1. Tax Refunds

2. Advance Revenue Rulings

3. Other taxes

bullet-red.png Formation Requirements

1. Corporate Requirements

2. Disclosure & Reporting

3. Exchange Control Exemption

4. Expatriate Employees

5. Bank Accounts

6. Documentation

bullet-red.png Our Formation Service

1. Company Formation

2. Registered Office Services

3. Nominee Services

4. Company Secretarial Services

5. Accounting & Tax Compliance

6. Costs and fees

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