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Certification of Documents in Malta

Certification of Documents

ALL documents presented to us must be originals or certified as true copies of the original.

Who can certify copies of original documents:

  • Lawyers, solicitors or advocates
  • Notaries Public
  • Commissioners for Oaths
  • Bank officials (this is a recommended easy way to obtain a certification)
  • Chartered accountants, auditors, certified accountants or
  • the Maltese Embassy or High Commission in your country.

Each certified copy should include the following:

  • The words “certified true copy of the original”
  • The date the certification was made
  • The signature of the certifying officer
  • The name, address and occupation of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature.

NOTE: Professionals certifying any signatures on these documents must also obtain an apostille under the Hague Convention. This is not necessary where signatures are certified by a prime bank.


For Maltese governmental authorities and banks, documents are accepted in English, Italian or French.

Documents in other languages must be translated into English by a certified translated and must be apostilled.

Obtaining a Hague Apostille:

Click here for tips on obtaining a Hague Apostille on your certified documents.