Company Law

Aged, Shelf Companies in Malta

Shelf companies in Malta, or “aged Malta companies”, are Maltese companies existing over a period of time that may now be dormant. The practice of promoting “Malta shelf companies” also describes the practice of corporate services providers who register a stock of companies without knowing who the ultimate client will be, to later sell these “shelf company” to buyers looking for a company with a history.

Our Approach to Shelf Companies

Acquiring a shelf company may be risky for a buyer assured he is acquiring a never used company when in fact, that company may have already been used for other illegitimate reasons, or legitimate activities that may have caused unresolved liabilities which will be taken over by the new shareholders.

Moreover, our firm frowns on “Shelf Company” practice in view of the possible illegal uses of Malta shelf companies and their potential abuse.

Acquiring a Shelf Company vs Registering a New Malta Company

Due Diligence prior to transfer

If your objective is to have a ready-made company already in place, for fast business startup, you may consider our fast Malta company incorporation service which may take as little as 24 hours. Please note that Malta company registration timeframes depend on the availability of required due diligence documentation. Click here to learn more about Malta Company Formation.

Shelf Companies with Existing Bank Accounts

While Malta shelf companies may enjoy existing bank relations, banks require their corporate clients to inform them as soon as there is a change in ownership or other significant changes in the company.

Malta Aged companies with Licences or Authorisations

Maltese companies having existing licences and authorisations in the banking, emoney, payment services, insurance, investment services, virtual financial assets sectors from the Malta Financial Services Authority will require prior clearance of the MFSA after the submission of appropriate documentation concerning incoming officers and shareholders as well as updated business plans and related documents. Speak to us should you wish us to assist you with the acquisition of an existing Malta financial services company

For more information on your Malta aged company requirements and for our shelf companies for sale in Malta, please contact us at your convenience.