Company Law

International Trading Companies (ICT)

The International Trading Company (ITC) is an onshore company paying tax on a worldwide basis at the normal corporate tax rate of 35% reduced to an effective tax rate of 4.17% in the hands of non-resident shareholders, and with the possibility of confidential beneficial ownership.

With effect from 1st January 2007, the benefit of refunds has been extended to ALL shareholders and restrictions from trading in Malta have been removed [more].

bullet-red.png Onshore Status

bullet-red.png Possible Uses of ITCs

1. Possible Uses of ITCs

2. Objects

3. Confidentiality


1. ITC Tax Refunds

2. Advance Revenue Rulings

3. Other taxes

bullet-red.png Formation Requirements

1. Corporate Requirements

2. Disclosure & Reporting

3. Exchange Control Exemption

4. Expatriate Employees

5. Bank Accounts

6. Documentation

bullet-red.png Our Formation Service

1. Company Formation

2. Registered Office Services

3. Nominee Services

4. Company Secretarial Services

5. Accounting & Tax Compliance

6. Costs and fees

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