Company Law

Company Insolvency Law in Malta

Chetcuti Cauchi takes a keen interest in the law relating to insolvency and has advised clients on various aspects relating to insolvency, particularly on the implications of Maltese insolvency law in the cross-border context.

Company Liquidations in Malta

Domestic and cross-border company insolvencies raise various issues that require careful attention. Chetcuti Cauchi has been of assistance to various companies faced with the prospect of insolvency locally or internationally. The firm has advised companies on the manner in which the dissolution and consequent winding up processes can be effected in compliance with rules laid down in the Companies Act 1995. Due attention is also given to provisions of the Maltese Civil Code which regulates private law matters relating to corporate insolvency, such as the law on set-off. Our corporate lawyers have also advised the directors of such companies on the best manner of conducting business in the context of eventual insolvency proceedings in order to ensure that they will not incur any liability for wrongful or fraudulent trading.

Malta Company Liquidations

The firm works in close collaboration with liquidators of companies, advising especially on the ranking of creditors, the distribution of assets, the collection of amounts due to the company and the distribution of any surplus funds to shareholders. The firm is able to provide or procure liquidators. Chetcuti Cauchi has also acquired extensive experience in the preparation of all the documentation required and in the registration and publicity requirements of the winding up process.