Ship Registration Procedure

visionally under the Malta flag for six months (extendible to one year) during which period all documentation must be finalised.

The requirements for provisional registration are:

  • An application for registration by the owner or an authorised representative;
  • An application for a change of name, if required;
  • A copy of the ships International Tonnage Certificate, where applicable;
  • Proof of qualification to own a Maltese ship in the case of a body corporate, the memorandum and articles of association;
  • A declaration of ownership made before the Registrar by the owner or an authorised representative;
  • Evidence of seaworthiness; in the case of trading vessels, confirmation of class;
  • Payment of initial and annual registration fees.

The following documents must be submitted during provisional registration:

  • A builders certificate if the vessel has not been registered elsewhere; otherwise, a bill of sale or any other document by which the vessel was transferred to the applicant for registry;
  • A cancellation of registry certificate from the last country of registry, showing the vessel to be free from encumbrances or otherwise;
  • A certificate of survey and a copy of tonnage certificate certifying that the vessel has been surveyed in accordance with Maltese regulations;
  • Evidence that the vessel has been marked in accordance with the law;
  • At least one crew list accompanied by photocopies of the officers certificates.