Patent Protection in Malta

Today’s businesses focus more and more on the value of intellectual property and the ways and means that it may be used to generate alternative revenue streams. Our IP team assists clients in determining the ownership of patent rights, protecting them in Malta, validating European Patents in Malta, licensing of patents, assignments and together with our Tax Team devising corporate structures that protect patents and the rights related thereto. Our patent attorneys also look to help our clients achieve such goals in cost effective and efficient manner.

We also provide patent litigation services, including legal advice on the revocation of patents, eligibility of inventions for patent protection, validity of patents and enforcement of patent rights and the amount of damages that may be available in patent infringement legal actions.

Our services include legal advice on:

  • registration of patents in Malta
  • validation of European Patents
  • licensing and assignments of patents
  • patent searches
  • pursuing infringement litigation
  • monitoring patent applications to protect existing patent rights
  • negotiation and settlement of patent disputes
  • advising on strategies for obtaining patent protection worldwide
  • opposing patent applications