Designs Attorneys

Rights in designs allow corporations to prevent others from copying a design or drawings of the design and significant parts it.  To enable a company to obtain maximum protection it is advisable that design rights are registered since legal protection for some designs will only be available provided the design is registered.

It is important to note that an article is distinguished not only by its utility but also by its visual appeal which too usually play an important role in shaping the buyers preference for the article. Therefore, the design of an article and even the design of its packaging is very important from the commercial view point.

In this regard, our attorneys assist clients to design and develop intellectual property portfolios that serve specific business objectives. Our lawyers act for companies in major industry sectors, technologies and product categories. Our services range from filing and prosecuting design applications through to assignments, licensing, searching and watching, infringement and validity advice, portfolio management, renewals, due diligence, litigation support and commercialisation advice.

Our IP Team’s client representation ranges from single traders to large companies. Our goal for each client is always the same: to guide our client through the maze of regulations and procedures involved in obtaining design protection so as to secure a right commensurate with the goals and business strategy of the client.