Marital Separations – Personal Separation Lawyers

Separation proceedings in court are painful and emotionally stressful, as can confirm the hundreds of couples separating every year in Malta. The prospects of hiring a personal separation attorney are therefore not attractive to many.

However, as experienced lawyers with a heart, we can help you in this difficult phase of life by guiding you smoothly through the various issues involved in this legal process. We treat each case on a personal and individual level and do our best to help minimise the stress involved.

We can help you through many of the issues involved with separation and will care about you as an individual and your case. We take pride in helping clients go through this experience and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options.


  • child custody,
  • child visitation,
  • division of commonly owned property,
  • use of the marital home
  • maintenance of spouses and children


With the consent of the Second Hall, Civil Court of Malta, the spouses can proceed to the following alternative routes:

  • Litigation in the First Hall, Civil Court.
  • Consensual separation (“separazzjoni bonarja”) by a a pre-negotiated notarised separation agreement approved by the Second Hall, Civil Court of Malta.