Anti-Money Laundering Officer AML Officials

Financial services organizations are being inundated by anti-money laundering rules and know your customer (KYC) regulations. 

The new anti-money laundering rules and regulations require companies to undertake significant customer due diligence, not only at the initiation of the relationship between the organisation and the customer, but also during its pendency. Our financial services legal team can assist clients in developing customer due diligence processes, policies and procedures that not only render the company conformant to the applicable laws but also assist the organisation itself in filtering its client-base. Drawing on legal and  practical experience, the team assists organisations in developing compliance frameworks to meet their legislative and regulatory responsibilities. When it comes to AML compliance, our cross-functional team of banking, finance and corporate lawyers can assist clients in the following manner:

  • advice on the requirements of the AML legislation

  • revision and drafting of standard form contracts

  • the provision of training and courses to managers, officers and company personnel

  • advice in specific commercial transactions, to ensure that the organisation complies with its AML disclosure obligations, and

  • dealing with regulators, and managing regulatory issues .