Wills, Estates, Inheritance, Probate in Malta

With millions of Maltese persons living outside Malta, particularly in the U.S.A, Australia, Canada and the U.K., a considerable number of issues and disputes arise regarding inheritances and estates.

The majority of people prefer to decide for themselves how their assets will be disposed of when they pass away. Many times, this takes the form of a will. A Trust allows more flexibility and an ideal medium for estate planning.

Succession law and immoveable property

The rules of succession law with respect to immovable property situated in Malta and owned by Maltese emigrants are determined in accordance with the lex situs and hence, Maltese law.

Our services

We provide assistance with:

  • receiving property in trust;
  • the payment of inheritance taxes due;
  • drafting of any necessary contracts;
  • representing your interests in Malta (by power of attorney);
  • drafting of wills to regulate Maltese property;
  • receiving property under testate or intestate succession.