Dual / Multiple Citizenship

The 2000 Legislative changes

On the 10th February 2000, Acts Nos. III and IV of 2000 came into force introducing a new concept of double or multiple citizenship with other countries.

Under the new law it is possible to hold Maltese citizenship together with one or more other citizenships. The previous requirement that persons entitled to dual citizenship had to make a choice between the ages of 18 and 19 no longer applies; they can hold both citizenships.

However, dual citizenship is only open to persons who are citizens of another country and are:


Condition 1

Condition 2


in Malta

before 21/9/1964

at least one of parents also born in Malta


in Malta

after 21/9/1964

at birth at least one of parents was a Maltese citizen


outside Malta

before 21/9/1964

father was born in Malta

at least one of the father’s parents (one of the paternal grand parents) was also born in Malta


outside Malta

after 21/9/1964

either one of the parents, at the time of your birth was a citizen of Malta.




at any time a citizen of Malta

by having resided in another country for an aggregate period of at least six years, acquired the citizenship of the foreign country.

Our Citizenship Services

Application Forms:

if you were born before 1964

Form A

If you were born after 1964

Form B

Supporting Documentation

To avail yourself of our citizenship service, please fill in, sign and fax / mail the appropriate form to us, together with the supporting documents indicated below:

1. Full birth certificate showing names of parents;

2. Fathers birth certificate;

3. Parents marriage certificate;

4. Certificate showing date when foreign citizenship was acquired by Registration/Naturalization;

5. Current passport;

6. Identity card (if applicable);

7. Documentary evidence to show that enquirer has resided abroad for an aggregate period of at least six years.

If you are not in possession of the necessary documents, simply provide us with as much information as possible. Our search in Public Records will enable us to obtain the missing documents for you.

Other ways of acquiring Maltese Citizenship

While there are no hard and fast rules regulating the acquisition of citizenship, by way of indication, Maltese citizenship may be acquired on the following criteria:

  • birth in Malta
  • after five years of marriage to a Maltese person
  • other criteria on a case by case basis.

As in all other cases, there is no requirement on the person concerned to renounce any other citizenship he / she might hold.

Alternatives to Citizenship

In the event that you do not satisfy the criteria for Maltese citizenship, you might consider the suitability of Maltese Permanent Residence Status for overseas residence, international travel, business and/or tax reasons.