Temporary Residence in Malta


In effect, a temporary residence permit is granted to foreign nationals who enter Malta with an entry VISA. Most European and Mediterranean nationals may remain in Malta for a period of three months from their date of entry under the no employment residence permit endorsed on their passport upon arrival in Malta.

A non-resident holiday home buyer can stay in Malta for up to three months at a time without a visa.

No Taxation & Repatriation

No local tax is paid on his income. He can repatriate the whole sale proceeds including the profits.


The Principal Immigration Officer at the Central Immigration Office normally grants requests for extensions of stay to foreign nationals wishing to stay in Malta for a longer period and who can satisfy the Principal Immigration Officer that they have sufficient funds to subsist on at their disposal. Other conditions may be imposed on any extension granted.

Foreign nationals wishing to stay on for further periods of time have to follow this request procedure every time their permission to stay expires.