Key Official for Malta Gaming Companies

A Key Official would need to be appointed within 21 days from issue of the Letter of Intent.

Following find a list of responsibilities that need to be adhered to by the Companies’ Key Official (KO):

  • System review / Certification of compliance.

  • Sealing of Servers and also responsible to make sure seals are not broken, and if so must be reported to the LGA and re-sealed.

  • Incident reports – the LGA is to be advised in respect of any changes made to either the hardware or software of the company, by signing and submitting the Incident reports.

  • Keeping the LGA updated in respect of any changes to be made, to the set-up approved by LGA.

  • Submission of monthly gaming tax and annual gaming license fee.

  • Submission of the Company’s Accounts / Audit.

  • Ensuring players’ funds are adequately held by the Company at all times.

  • Data Protection.

  • NSO – National Statistics.

  • KO is to have access to the back-end system.

Further, the Key Official together with the Management of the Company needs to ensure that the Company is operating in line with the following Malta regulations:

  • Companies Act, 1995

  • Data Protection Act, 2001

  • Electronic Commerce Act, 2001

  • Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act, 1997

  • Income Tax Act, 1948

  • Income Tax Management Act, 1994

  • Lotteries and other games Act, 2001 as amended (Remote Gaming Regulations)

  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 1994