The Benefits of Malta Online Gambling Licences

Malta is a unique Mediterranean island and a full member of the EU. It boasts a long-standing heritage of culture and history and is also known for its stable democratic administration, attractive standard of living at reasonable cost and modern and vibrant life-style.

Malta’s legal system is a mnage of civil law and UK commercial rules. Its taxation system has been declared compliant with OECD standards and is in line with main EU directives. Financial Laws and regulations are of the most reputable and anti-money laundering standards are second to none. Malta has also a long tradition of gaming legislation.

All this presents the operator with an array of advantages resulting from establishing his operation in a serous and stable regulatory environment.

Seriousness & Stability

bulletarrow.png Stable regulatory framework
bulletarrow.png The proper operation on interactive games
bulletarrow.png The protection of players
bulletarrow.png The prevention of money laundering
bulletarrow.png Protection of public interest

The Regulations do not specify what type of games are licensable and any game can be presented by the operator. The important factor is that the game happens remotely and not face-to-face. Typical licensable games and activities include online bookmakers, betting exchanges, online casinos, casino-type games, lotteries, bingo operations and marketing companies and gaming platforms.

An Array of Licenses that are ‘Technology Neutral’

The Regulations are also not hindered by the medium. Therefore all forms of electronic devices can be used, including phones, faxes, mobile phones and the internet.

The Promotion of Responsible Gaming

This concept incorporates protection of minors and the vulnerable player. Every operator must have a written procedure to open a player’s account and this must include ascertainment of the player’s agenda verification checks with a credit card number matched with information from the relative bank. Vulnerable players are also checked by means of pre-set limits and cooling off periods before changes to these limits are carried out.

Malta became a member of the EU in May 2004. This played a very important role in attracting remote gaming operators to Malta. With the present uncertainties of operating online and facing restrictions by national authorities, being established in Malta results in operators benefiting form the freedom of establishment and the freedom provide cross-border services within the EU.

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