Remote Gaming Regulations in Malta

Gaming Laws in Malta

In April 2004, the new Remote Gaming Regulations entered into force. If under the previous regulations, only online betting companies could be established, the new Regulations provide for a comprehensive list of licences for remote gaming that may be obtained in Malta. One can opt for a betting operation, a betting exchange, an online casino, casino-type games, a lottery, a bingo – a licence can be obtained for any of these operations. Moreover, licences for gaming platforms are also available. There are no limitations on a number of licences under the Remote Gaming Regulations.

Remote Gaming Regulations

The Regulations have proved popular with seasoned gaming operators. The last years have seen a significant influx of applicants from the interactive gaming industry applying for Maltese gaming licences.  The addition of casino licence to the Maltese gaming licence offering has proved especially popular with operators of casino-type games.

Malta’s entry into the European Union has also played a very important in attracting remote gaming operators to Malta. In a difficult current situation for online gaming providers to the European market, when some countries heavily restrict or prohibit altogether the provision of remote gaming from abroad, being established in Malta for an operator means that the freedoms in the EU internal market, in particular, the freedom to provide cross-border services within the EU, apply to such operator.